New Fun Football Initiative for Youngsters

Medals for youngsters in new fun football initiative that won’t “bombard” them with coaching.

A new grass roots initiative that will make it easy for youngsters to play football in a safe, supervised environment, with professional coaching, has been launched here at Wolverhampton Sports Arena.

Instead of group coaching, children aged 6-11 years will play competitive games, while the FA approved coaches move amongst them to give individual attention without interrupting play. Medals will be awarded as the youngsters progress.

The Brazilian-style scheme, affectionately named ‘Samba Soccer’ is will launch on Tuesday 10th March from 5-7pm with a FREE TRIAL voucher available for all children.

FREE trial session-

The initiative has been designed help kids to start playing football as soon as they arrive and gradually be introduced to the techniques that will help them play better. A special low bounce ball will help teach ball control skills, as well as speed of thought and awareness.

Too much coaching can bombard kids with information and often takes the fun out of football, an element that Samba Soccer evenings  most definitely want to retain.

Details of Samba Soccer and a free trial voucher will shortly or parents can call now on 01902 420827 for more information.

We loved the experience at wolverhampton sports arena. The children were over the moon with the jungle playground party and the staff were so helpful.  Will definitely recommend to all of my friends and family.
Ken Burns - Parent